Another Round of Onboard Activities Added!

From a Pickin' Party various artists to the annual Poker tournament with Ivan Neville, a handful of fun and unique activities have just been added to the Jam Cruise 13 experience! Here is what's new...

Pickin' Party with Tim Carbone, Anders Beck, Paul Hoffman, Fruition and Elephant Revival
Jam Cruise’s Pickin’ Party is an incredible event staged in the acoustically rich atrium of the MSC Divina, with four levels of pickers ascending the magnificent diamond staircases!! Bring your own pickin' strings and some fast-paced fancy fingering to this year’s party!

Door Decorating Contest Judged by Kung Fu
Bring your funkiest decor and turn your door into a work of art! Creativity is key – Kung Fu will be funkin’ down the halls looking for the most creative and inspired space. One winner will receive a limited edition Jam Cruise 13 poster autographed by all the artists. Group participation is encouraged, but only one prize will be given. Be sure to use non-permanent décor.

The Ivan Neville Texas Hold ‘em Tournament
Funk Master Ivan Neville is your host for this high stakes tournament. There’s a bounty for anyone who can get Ivan or any of the other artists playing knocked out of the game. Beware of the river – she’s a mighty beau that will tempt you into poverty. First come first serve seating, $60.00 buy-in.

Center your Qi with Karl D.
Promote longevity, youth, energy and health with the master of the Tiny Universe, Karl D! BaDuanJin is broken down into eight separate fluid movements, each focusing on a different physical area and qi meridian. This Qigong centering developed by the ancient Chinese (dating back to Circa 1000!) was passed down for thousands of years. Learn and practice as Karl D. shines a light on this ancient exercise, and balance your Chi for the long nights ahead.

Jam Cruise Wedding Officiated by Charles Bradley
Bond together with your Jam Cruise soulmate with the master of soul himself; Charles Bradley's powerful message will ignite passion for love, music, and shared memories, brimming with the essence of your life. "When the world gives you love, it frees your soul."

Yoga at Sea
Additionally, Jam Cruise 13 will feature an expanded Yoga at Sea program once again hosted by Yogini on the Loose Gina Caputo that will feature artist participation and musical accompaniment!